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Boot and shoe making

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012142000 PROCESSES 68
012128000 FORMS 13
012103000 TOOLS 9
012017000 SOLE MACHINES 4
20120066844DEVICE FOR 360 DEGREE WAVE-SHAPING OF OUTSOLE OF SHOE - The present invention relates to a device for 360 degree wave-shaping of an outsole of a shoe including: a base part; and a blade plate part mounted on the base part and having an upper blade plate corresponding to an upper portion of the outsole of the shoe and a lower blade plate corresponding to a lower portion of the outsole of the shoe, each of the upper blade plate and the lower blade plate having a plurality of blades adapted to perform the 360 degree wave-shaping for the outsole of the shoe. The blade plate part is wave-shaped, and each of the upper blade plate and the lower blade plate has a plurality of streamlined space portions formed extended from one sides thereof to the other sides thereof, thereby discharging water therethrough.03-22-2012
20130198977METHOD OF MANUFACTURING FOOTWEAR HAVING SIPES - A method of manufacturing footwear including the steps of positioning a sole member on a first portion of a cutting assembly; heating a second portion of the cutting assembly, the second portion including a cutting die; pressing the heated cutting die into the sole member to form a plurality of sipes in the sole member; and removing the cutting die from the sole member.08-08-2013
20120096653Method of mould for manufacturing shoes - A shoe mold unit includes a base mold having a shoe molding part on the top thereof and a concavity. A left mold and a right mold are respectively located on two sides of the base mold, and each of the left and right molds has a recessed positioning portion with which a protection member is respectively engaged. Two respective ridges are located on two respective insides of the left mold and the right mold. The ridges protect the outside of the vamp and restrict the space for formation of the outsole such that no surplus material is formed on the outsole and the defective rate is reduced.04-26-2012
20110232008Method For Efficient And Localized Production Of Shoes - Methods and systems relating to efficient shoe manufacturing that reduce the specialized human labor required to manufacture a pair of shoes while avoiding the high costs and special maintenance requirements often associated with highly automated manufacturing equipment are provided. Systems and methods in accordance with the present invention may be used to produce multiple models of custom shoes at a single shoe manufacturing facility using overlapping workflows, thereby reducing the physical footprint of the manufacturing facility. Additionally, embodiments of the invention may provide methods and systems for efficiently producing shoes to meet the demands of a particular geographic location, thereby eliminating the need to import shoes produced in other locations.09-29-2011
012123000 WORK SUPPORT 2
20130014330System and Method for Printing Customized Graphics on Footwear and Other Articles of Clothing - A shoe platen to securely hold a shoe so that graphics, including custom graphics, can be printed on the shoe automatically. The platen comprises a shoe plate 01-17-2013
20110232009Stockfit Assembly Fixture For Shoe Production - A stock fit assembly fixture is provided for aligning and holding into place various portions of a shoe, such as an upper portion, an outsole, and a midsole, while the shoe portions are being assembled. The upper portion of a shoe may be secured to a shoe last, which in turn, may be secured to a top portion of the stock fit assembly fixture. The top portion may be movable such that the upper portion of the shoe can be moved toward the outsole and midsole portions, thus allowing for a securement of the upper portion to the outsole and midsole portions. The movement of the top portion may be by way of a compression mechanism allowing the top portion to be forced to be moved toward a bottom portion of the stock fit assembly fixture.09-29-2011
012051000 UPPER MACHINES 1
20100275392Custom Fit System With Adjustable Last And Method For Custom Fitting Athletic Shoes - A system for custom fitting athletic shoes to an individual wearer includes a foot measurement device, an adjustable footform and an infrared activation chamber. Shoes of a single width for each length size have at least a portion of the upper made of heat malleable material to be custom fitted for width. Foot measurement data is used to calculate length size, width size and a number of custom adjustment factors. After the length size is calculated, the appropriately sized shoe and last are assembled together and subject to infrared radiation until the heat malleable material becomes plastic. Adjustments are then made to the last in accordance with the adjustment factors to provide custom width sizing. After further heat treatment to set the shoe upper and cooling, the shoe is complete. In this manner, if used in a retail setting, shoes are custom fitted to the wearer in a matter of minutes.11-04-2010
012042000 HEEL MACHINES 1
20130125318System and Method for Replacing Worn Shoe Heels - A heel shoe tip removal and replacement system with an outer housing, and electrical or mechanical removal mechanism for re-applying a tip to the heel of a shoe. While the heel is inserted into the removal/replacement apparatus, the plastic tip is engaged and removed by the heel tip removal system. Once the tip is removed, a new tip of like size is inserted into the removal/replacement apparatus. The apparatus then applies enough force to the new tip to securely attach the new tip to the shoe heel.05-23-2013
20080229523Apparatus for Reactivating Adhesive Substances for Shoes Parts - Apparatus for reactivating adhesive substances previously deposited on one or more parts of shoes (09-25-2008
20080229523Apparatus for Reactivating Adhesive Substances for Shoes Parts - Apparatus for reactivating adhesive substances previously deposited on one or more parts of shoes (09-25-2008

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