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007125000 PLIER TYPE 29
007143000 HAMMER 20
007138000 WRENCH 18
007166000 CROWBAR OR PRYBAR 10
20100071139Screwdriver with hammer element in handle - A screwdriver includes a handle which defines a longitudinal axis and a shank mounted to the handle. The shank extends axially along said longitudinal axis and defines an engagement end opposite said handle. An impact element is mounted to the handle. The impact element defines a hitting surface wherein the hitting surface extends at least ½″ from the handle.03-25-2010
20080313818SCREWDRIVER HELPER - A screwdriver helper includes a handle, a guide, and a bit. The handle defines a through hole therein. The guide is affixed to the handle. The guide comprises a top surface, a bottom surface, and a through guide hole defined between the top surface and the bottom surface. The top surface is faced to the handle. The guide hole is corresponding to the through hole of the handle. An axis of the guide hole is perpendicular to the bottom surface. The bit is positioned in the guide hole. The bit comprises a tip and a head. The tip is in a shape of a screw head. The head defines slots in a top end thereof. The bit is movable along the axis of the through guide hole. The screwdriver helper helps screwdriver to lock screws firmly.12-25-2008
20120137445Screw Bit Putty Knife - A utility tool, such a putty knife for example, including an elongated handle for manual handling of the utility tool, a blade and a screw bit assembly. The screw bit assembly is rotatably mounted about the rear portion of the handle, has a screw bit, and is operable between a non-operating configuration where the screw bit is nested within the handle, and an operating configuration where the screw bit is drawn out of the handle and securely maintained in a fixed configuration so as to be positioned at a slanted angle with respect to the longitudinal axis of the handle. In addition to being able to carry out other various functions, in drywall applications and the like, the tool by virtue of its design and components enables a more ergonomic grip, and to have a greater lever effect for screwing fasteners with its screw bit assembly.06-07-2012
20110173760Handle-operated tool with a multi-function tool tip employable for one more purposes on different irrigation-related products - A tool incorporating a multi-function tool tip on an elongated shaft is disclosed for adjusting and maintaining different irrigation-related products of one or more manufacturers, having a handle configured at one shaft-end, and formed at an opposite shaft-end a multi-function tool-tip with a screw adjustment member located between two outwardly-extended generally planar members. In one tool function mode leading-edge portions of the planar members are sized and shaped to align and rotate within a conical recess of a first irrigation-related product and facilitate engagement of the screw adjustment member with an upper end of an adjustment screw centered within the conical recess. In other functional modes, the planar members are sized and shaped for insertion through an adjustment port of a spring-loaded slidably-positionable member of a second irrigation-related product to pull the member outward to a desired degree and/or make water emitting adjustments interiorly within the product.07-21-2011
20080229510Threading apparatus and method of making - A threading apparatus and a method of making the same are provided. The threading apparatus includes a ribbon having a first edge and a second edge, a threading wire attached to an end of the ribbon, wherein the threading wire extends from the end of the ribbon, and a smooth transition area which forms a transition from the end of the ribbon to the threading wire. With this construction, large holed beads can be threaded onto a ribbon.09-25-2008
20100223735ROOFING TOOL - A roofing tool comprises a handle with a longitudinal axis and a longitudinal shaft coaxial therewith, the handle having a first end and a second end, a hollow shaft having a first end and a second end, the first end of the hollow shaft being axially inserted into the second end of the handle and the second end of the hollow shaft extending therefrom, a bracket attached to the second end of the hollow shaft, a roller rotatably attached to the bracket, a seam tester member having a tapered pick end and an elongated shaft disposed within the hollow shaft; and a detent member secured to the handle and configured to detain the seam tester member within the handle.09-09-2010
20080250570SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF A POWER TOOL SYSTEM WITH INTERCHANGEABLE FUNCTIONAL ATTACHMENTS POWERED BY A DIRECT ROTATIONAL DRIVE - In embodiments of the present invention, a method and system of a power tool system may comprise providing a power base for mounting and powering a functional module comprising an end effecter, the power base configured to mount various functional modules, assembling the power tool system by mounting the functional module to a mounting plate of the power base, and controlling the power tool system using a control disposed in the power base.10-16-2008
20110258785Combination Electric Knife and Mixer - A combination electric carving knife and mixer embodying both carving knife and mixer functions in a single device, and constructed so that knife and mixer attachments utilize the same receiving chamber in the device. The knife and mixer attachments are powered by motorized pistons that operate on the knife attachments for cutting and on the mixer attachment for mixing. The mixer attachment translates the linear motion of the pistons into a spinning motion by means of a conventional motion converter placed within the mixer attachment.10-27-2011
20120297548COOKING UTENSIL - The present invention relates, in one aspect, to a cooking utensil including a functional member configured to engage a food item and a handle member extending from the functional member for gripping the utensil and for moving the functional member. The functional member includes a blade having a pair of opposite surfaces meeting at a pair of opposite lateral edges, one of the lateral edges being sharpened to form a cutting edge and the other one of the lateral edges including prongs and at least one of the planar surfaces having one or more recesses that do not pass entirely through the blade. In a preferred form, the one or more recesses include one or more concave depressions in the at least one of the planar surfaces. The present invention relates, in another aspect, to a cooking utensil including a functional member configured to engage a food item and a handle member extending from the functional portion for gripping the utensil and for moving the functional portion wherein a length by which the handle member extends from the functional portion is adjustable. In one embodiment the cooking utensil is a spatula and in another embodiment a pair of tongs.11-29-2012
20080282477Press for hot dog and hamburger rolls - A press for hot dog rolls and hamburger rolls uses a pair of elongate rollers that are attached to one another by one or more connector legs. One of the rollers serves as a handle while the other is radially rolled across a hot dog roll. A hamburger press is a short plate cylindrical member that has a flat lower surface and an upper surface that is removably attached to one of the rollers. With the opposing roller being used as a handle, the hamburger press is pressed onto a hamburger roll. A patty press is a cylindrical member with a flat bottom and an upwardly depending sidewall that define a hollow central portion. The patty press receives an appropriate food product therein and thereafter the hamburger press is received within the hollow central portion and presses onto the food product in order to form a patty out of the food product.11-20-2008
007106000 FISHING 3
20100263132Fisherman's Tool - A fisherman's tool includes a housing having front and rear ends, a finger side having a plurality of channels for receiving a user's fingers, a thumb side opposite the finger side, and opposed proximal and distal sides. A knife is coupled to the housing for movement between a storage position stowed in the housing and a use position outside the housing. A user input is in data communication with the motor for selectively activating the motor. The fisherman's tool includes a rotatable actuator operatively coupled to the motor whereby the actuator rotates relative to the housing when the motor is activated, the actuator having a distal end with opposed arcuate walls to engage a fishing reel. A battery is in electrical communication with the motor.10-21-2010
20090199344FISHING TOOL FOR CRIMPING FERRULES - An improved fishing tool for crimping ferrules to fasten segments of fishing line together is disclosed. The improved fishing tool has a pair of jaws defining a plurality of grooves with varying transversely-oriented lengths and varying thickness. The varying transversely-oriented lengths and thickness of the plurality of grooves allows the fishing tool to perform a crimping operation on ferrules of varying sizes along the middle portion of the ferrules without crimping the ends of the ferrules.08-13-2009
20120060298FISH HOOK CLEANING TOOL - A fish hook cleaning tool comprising a tapered body including a blunt end and a pointed end, a hole within the blunt end, a tip along the pointed end, and a textured material within the hole and on the pointed end wherein the textured material enables a user to clean and file a fish hook to remove a particulate from the fish hook and to sharpen the fish hook between uses. The tip of the pointed end is sharp enough to fit within an eyelet of the fish hook to clean the particulate within the eyelet to more easily thread a fishing line.03-15-2012
20080222816APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR THE PLACEMENT OF BADGES, RIBBONS AND/OR OTHER ITEMS - In some embodiments, a template is useful for properly positioning at least one item having first and second rear-facing engagers at a desired location on the front of a carrier and is removable thereafter without disturbing the position of the at least one item.09-18-2008
20100037398COMPOSITE TOOL FOR LAYOUT AND INSTALLATION OF BACK SPLASHES - A multi-purpose hand tool having opposing planar surfaces. A first long side has a linear edge for drawing straight lines. Graduations are provided along a beveled surface for use in measurement. Short sides perpendicular to the straight edge facilitate placement in an inside corner. A remaining side has serrations for spreading an adhesive. A cover is secured to the main body by pins in the cover and openings in the main body. The main body and cover house a level. A viewing window incorporates a lens for magnification. Guideways are configured to receive a straightedge, the guideways being aligned at precise, given angles. Projections in each guideway cooperate with a groove provided along only one given surface of the straightedge to assure proper orientation of the straightedge in the guideways. The main body and cover have smooth undulations for receiving and seating the fingers. A recess in the cover seats the tips of the fingers. A convex surface surrounding the viewing window protects the level. Spaced openings along the tool facilitate measurement and marking.02-18-2010
20130007965GOLFING DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICE - The present invention is a golfing distance measuring device utilized by a user to measure a distance between a golf hole and one or more golf balls. The device includes an aluminum base paddle with a rectangular portion and a handle portion with a pointed end, a hook that is releasably attached to a flagstick that is placed in the hole and a measuring tape disposed on the rectangular portion with the hook disposed on the end. The device also includes one or more pieces of writing paper and pencils that allows a user to record notes, scores, distances, names and other golf-related information and data, a pair of writing paper clips to secure the writing paper to the rectangular portion and one or more pencil dips to secure the pencils to the rectangular portion.01-10-2013
20130055507SCREWDRIVER INCLUDING A CONDUIT REAMER - A screwdriver includes a handle, a screwdriver head coupled to the handle, and a conduit reamer coupled to the handle. The conduit reamer includes a first cylindrical portion having a first sidewall with a first diameter, and a second cylindrical portion positioned partially within and extending out of the first cylindrical portion. The second cylindrical portion has a second sidewall with a second diameter. The second diameter is smaller than the first diameter such that a gap is formed between the first and second sidewalls. The conduit reamer also includes a blade having a reaming edge positioned in the gap between the first and second sidewalls.03-07-2013
20110308021Pipe Deburrer with Replaceable Tool Head - A pipe deburrer with replaceable tool head comprises a working end the tool head of which can be replaced as desired, and the working end is provided with a control element to control the tool head to engage with or disengage from the inserting groove of the working end, thus improving the convenience in use, increasing the working efficiency while reducing the tool cost.12-22-2011
20120017377Combination Measuring and Pipe Cutting Device - The present invention provides a measuring tool and cutting device for use with metal pipes and tubes. The device provides accurate measurement of a length of pipe and a tool to cut sections thereof. The device comprises a crescent shaped pipe cutter with a measuring portion affixed to its distal end. The measuring portion is a retractable tape measuring device that allows the user to place the cutting tool at a specific distance from an end of the pipe. Once positioned at the desired location, the device grips and secures to the pipe using a scoring blade and two rollers. The measuring tape is then retracted and the user rotates the cutting device around the pipe to score and cut the pipe at that location. The device is small and compact, and may be used in a plurality of situations and locations involving pipes and pipe fitting. It is designed for quick access to a measuring means and for rapidly measuring and scoring sections of pipe.01-26-2012
20110138540MULTI-FUNCTION TOOL APPARATUS AND SYSTEM - A multi-function tool apparatus and system, comprising a handle and a utility blade having a structure that accommodates a plurality of functions, thus, reducing the number of ancillary tools required by a painter. The handle includes a butt end that is a screwdriver in threaded engagement with the handle. The screwdriver can be removed to expose a shaft and several screwdriver bits. The butt end includes a bolt in threaded engagement with the butt end. The bolt can be removed to attach an elongated pole to allow the apparatus to reach remote areas. The structure of the utility blade allows functions including but not limited to: scraping; putty spreading; caulk scraping; can opening, can closing; roller wiping; cutting; torquing hex nuts on spray guns; nail pulling, nail driving and the like.06-16-2011
20090070943Releasable paint roller cover retainer - A paint roller including a roller cover retainer that is releasable to permit a roller cover to be easily removed. The device includes a locking lever pivotable relative to the frame which actuates retainers located within the roller assembly. The locking lever also exerts an axial force adapted to disengage the roller cover from the roller assembly when the retainer is disengaged. A used roller cover can be removed without the need to grasp the used roller cover. Installation of a roller cover onto the roller assembly automatically engages the retainers and shifts the locking lever into the locked position.03-19-2009
20120073060FENCING TOOL - A pliers fencing tool includes a wedge having a through slot for engagement with the rotatably mounted ratcheted sprocket teeth of a fence wire strainer suspended between the fence wire looped ends. Through slot engaged cause the teeth to rotate from a first to a second ratcheted position and thereby strain the fence wire. A grip having a thumb receiving recess and thumb guard is provided between the wedge and the means for pivotably connecting the handles, and the handles are gripped at the grip portion with the wedge distally disposed.03-29-2012
20110289692Combination tool - A combination tool usable to couple between land vehicles or other objects is described, that is also usable to impact posts, such when constructing a fence. The combination tool can include a main body with a first end configured to impact a post, and a second end configured for coupling to a vehicle or other object. A restrainer pin detachably connected to the main body is usable to secure the combination tool to the object. The restrainer pin can also be used to engage a fence clip or similar flexible member, such as when constructing a fence. Additionally, the combination tool can include a ball hitch or similar protrusion for engagement with a tow vehicle or other object, and a platform or similar member for facilitating a user's access to the vehicles or other objects to which the combination tool is secured.12-01-2011
20110088170MAGNETIC ROOFING HATCHET - A hatchet head for a roofing tool includes a hammering end having a striking face and a first bore formed in the striking face. The hatchet head also comprises a magnet assembly disposed within the first bore, where the magnet assembly includes a magnet and a cover having a uniform diameter along its length. The cover is configured to retain the magnet within the first bore. Additionally, the hatchet head includes a multi-purpose end having a thickness and an elongated slot extends through the thickness. A gauging assembly is disposed through the elongated slot.04-21-2011
007169000 INTEGRAL 1
20100269264Bit structure for powered tools - A bit structure for powered tools includes a shank action end at one end of a bit and a tool gripping section at another end. The shank action end has a conical directing portion formed by extending rearwards from a front edge of the shank action end. The directing portion is extended rearwards to form an expansion bore cutting section between the shank action end and the tool gripping section. The expansion bore cutting section has at one axial cutting edge formed at a length equal to or greater than the maximum diameter of the directing portion. The bit structure thus formed can simultaneously perform multiple functions of drilling holes, expanding holes and fastening screws faster with less time and effort.10-28-2010
20130055506GRILL GRATE LIFTER - A grill grate lifting tool that engages the grill at three or more points. The grill lifter hooks between the tines of the grill grate at the rim and/or to a handle of the grill grate. The grill grate lifting tool includes a handle attached to three or more legs, which is generally central above the center of mass of the grill grate to provide a stable lifting point with or without food on the grate.03-07-2013

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