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002455000 GUARD OR PROTECTOR 1706
002069000 BODY GARMENTS 922
002171000 HEAD COVERINGS 374
002000000 NETHER GARMENTS 370
002065000 FUR GARMENTS 4
20080209609Cold Weather Garment - In one example embodiment of the present invention, the user carries a backpack, which holds the cape inside, until the user requires the cold weather garment. To use the cold weather garment, the user removes the cape from the bag, places the user's feet in the bag and wraps the cape around the user's body. In other embodiments, the cape may be designed to wrap about the users body and at least a portion of the users legs.09-04-2008
20100192271HAND MUFF WITH BLANKET - A combination hand muff and blanket apparatus includes a hand muff having a body with openings for receiving the hands of a user, a blanket for covering the lap of the user, and a first selectively releasable fastener for attaching the blanket to the body.08-05-2010
20120042432COLD WEATHER PROTECTION GARMENT - A garment to be worn by a person having a neck and a pair of hands includes a shawl portion with first and second ends and a width extending between first and second edges extending between the ends, and a muff formed at at least one of the first and second ends. The muff has a transversely extending passageway with vertically extending opposed entranceways configured to receive the pair of hands of the person. The muff also has a receptacle pocket with a generally horizontally extending entranceway for carriage of small items located exterior to the passageway. The lower portions of the shawl may be folded upon themselves to form a pair of cuffs, the interior regions of the cuffs leading to the entranceway to the receptacle pocket. The cuffs may be further joined together above the muff to form a bib adjoining the muff.02-23-2012
20100218297INNER GARMENT - To provide an inner garment with which an outer garment on hand can be utilized as luxurious clothes depending on the season or the place, and an effect as winter clothes can be attained in seasons of low temperatures. The inner garment comprises a jacket-like body portion (09-02-2010
20110131697POSTURE-IMPROVING GARMENT - Improved posture-improving garment is disclosed. The improved posture-improving garment has a hard-to-stretch region provided in a rear body part, the hard-to-stretch region having higher inelasticity than a garment main part, wherein a region woven in a portion corresponding to a vicinity of a lower part of a rhomboid muscle, and a region woven in a portion corresponding to lower fibers of a trapezius muscle and a vicinity of an inferior posterior serratus muscle, are woven in an integrated fashion with the hard-to-stretch region.06-09-2011
20110185468Apparatuses, Methods and Systems For Reinforced Garment Support System - This disclosure details apparatuses, systems and methods that facilitate a structural support system for reinforced garments. These structural support system may be based on an axial support member joined to a spinal support member by a quick release mechanism. In an implementation, the axial support member may be incorporated with a reinforced garment belt, while the spinal support member is incorporated with a jacket or vest. In this implementation, the members are joined by a quick release pin mechanism, so that the jacket may be quickly removed, while the support belt remains in place. The structural support system may be easily adapted based on the needs of a particular user and configured for a variety of applications. For example, the structural support system may be adapted to be incorporated into a reinforced garment or alternately configured to provide external support.08-04-2011
20120311757LOWER BACK SPINAL SUPPORT - The Lower Back Spinal Support is a back support device worn by people laying down all types of flooring to support your upper torso, consisting of a wearable aluminum alloy breast plate padded in a form cushion, with an aluminum cylindrical telescopic swivel leg for height adjustment (which locks into place) and adjustable neck and back straps.12-13-2012
20090276929IDENTIFICATION APPARATUS AND METHOD OF USE - An identification apparatus and methods of use are presented. Embodiments include a loop of flexible material, having and exterior surface. Indicia, identifying an organization, is displayed on at least a portion of the exterior surface. A container is provided to store the loop of flexible material. Some embodiments couple the container with a belt or other article of clothing or clothing accessory. The loop of flexible material may be coupled with the container. The container may serve as an anchoring point for one or more methods of displaying the loop of flexible material. Some methods of use position the loop of flexible material over portions of a user's body. Some methods of use permit one hand operation of the apparatus.11-12-2009
20080282437Clothing For Emitting Treatment Medium - The present invention relates to clothing, and in particular, to clothing emitting treatment medium such as laser, vibration, frequency, electricity, and fragrance, etc. to treatment points of the human body.11-20-2008
20080229469METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR RELEASABLY SECURING CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES TO CHILDREN - Products and methods are provided for releasably securing infant and toddler clothing accessories, such as shoes, socks and hair accessories, to a child. The products include novelty articles decorated with whimsical graphics and/or cut into whimsical shapes having adhesive properties designed to provide a temporary bond between the accessory and the child. The methods include adhering a footwear or hair accessory, directly or indirectly, to a child using the novelty adhesive articles.09-25-2008
20100138972MORTUARY UNDERGARMENT WITH DRAINAGE SYSTEM - A liquid impermeable mortuary undergarment having resealable drainage ports mounted in the lower end of the undergarment's upper surface. The ports are positioned to grant ready access to drain any liquid accumulated in the undergarment.06-10-2010

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