1. 20110041984 Method and apparatus for retreading a heavy duty tire with a polyurethane tread 02-24-2011
2. 20100300017 Utility land anchor - for mooring a water craft to a shore or beach or to act as a ground anchor to pull an object 12-02-2010
3. 20100101138 Fishing lure - that includes a bait head bait body and an attachable action lip where the lure can provide a realistic swimming action or a twitching or 04-29-2010
4. 20100003081 Water containment structure - water structure that includes at least a pair of sleeves or tubes formed from a puncture resistant flexible material that 01-07-2010
5. 20090277368 Boat anchor - anchor for mooring a water craft to a shore or beach that included a straight shaft that is pointed on one end and is arranged on 11-12-2009
6. 20090071606 Alignment system for positioning tire beads onto a tire core side wall 03-19-2009
7. 20080245482 Belt for use in forming a core of plies, beads and belts of a urethane tire 10-09-2008
8. 20080230170 Method for vacuum forming an elastomeric tire 09-25-2008
9. 20080216962 Bead alignment clip and system for its use for locating and maintaining a tire bead positioning onto a tire core build man-drel in forming a core for manufacturing an elastomeric tire 09-11-2008