383. Spelling

See also 236. LANGUAGE .

the practice or defect of incorrect spelling. —cacographer, n. —cacographic, cacographical, adj.
a phonetic spelling system in which for each sound the letter or digraph most commonly found representing that sound is used.
Rare. the study of nonphonetic spelling. —hetericist, n.
1. the practice of spelling in a way contrary to standard usage.
2. the use of the same letters or combinations of letters to represent different sounds, as in English tough and dough. —heterographic, heterographical, adj.
1. the art of writing words according to accepted usage; correct spelling.
2. that part of grammar that treats of letters and spelling.
3. a method of spelling. — orthographer, n. — orthographic, adj.
any phonetic spelling, writing, or shorthand system. —phonog-rapher, phonographist, n. —phonographic, phonographical, adj.

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