379. Soul

See also 182. GHOSTS ; 349. RELIGION ; 384. SPIRITS and SPIRITUALISM ; 392. THEOLOGY .

creationism Theology.
a doctrine that God creates a new soul for every human being bon. Cf. metempsychosis. —creationist, n. —creationistic, adj.
the doctrine or belief that the soul enters the body by divine infu-sion at conception or birth.
1. the passage of a soul from one body to another.
2. the rebirth of the soul at death in another body, either human or animal. Cf. creationism. —metempsychic, metempsychosic, metempsychosical, adj.
the theory that all souls are actually a single unity. —mono-psychic, monopsychical, adj.
the denial that the soul exists. —nullibist, n.
Philosophy. the doctrine that each object in the universe has either a mind or an unconscious soul. —panpsychist, n. —panpsychistic, adj.
the belief that one person may have many souls or modes of intelligence. —polypsychic, polypsychical, adj.
the guiding of a soul, especially that of a person recently dead into the lower world. —psychagogue, n. —psychagogic, adj.
Obsolete, a conflict or battle between the soul and the body.
the manifestation of a person’s soul to another, usually at some distance from the body. —psychorrhagic, adj.
the belief that the soul has a divine nature.
Theology. the doctrine that a new human soul is generated from the souls of the parents at the moment of conception. —traducianist, n. —traducianistic, adj.
any of various theories of metempsychosis or reincarna-tion, as the Hindu doctrines of Karma.

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