378. Songs and Singing

See also 284. MUSIC ; 403. TUNING

a collection of antiphons, hymns, or psalms sung in alternating parts.
the writing or singing of ballads. — balladist, n.
the singing of a choir.
1. the composing of hymns.
2. the study of the origins, development, and use of hymns.
3. Obsolete, the performing of hymns.
1. a part song for several voices making much use of contrapuntal imitation.
2. a lyric poem suitable for setting to music, usually with love as a theme. —madrigalist, n.
the practice of composing phrases of several notes to be sung on one syllable of text, as in plainsong.
1. the art of minstrels.
2. their occupation.
3. a group of minstrels.
4. a collection of their music and songs.
an improvised funeral song, composed for the dead and sung by women in modern Greece. —myriologist, n. —myriologic, myriological, adj.

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