328. Printing

See also 53. BOOKS ; 98. COPYING

an offset process that uses an aluminum plate instead of a lithographic stone. Also called aluminography . — algraphic, adj.
the process in lithography of transferring writings and drawings to a stone surface. — autographic, adj. autographically, adv.
a printing process by which colored lithographs are produced by a series of stone or zinc plates, each of which carries different portions of the picture to be printed, inked in different colors.
printing in colors from a series of wooden blocks.
the process of preparing a facsimile printing surface, involving the depositing of a thin copper or nickel shell by electrolytic action in a mold of the original and backing it with a lead alloy. — electrotyper, electrotypist, n. electrotypic, adj.
a process for making letterpress plates by engraving a waxed copper plate, dusting with zinc, and preparing an electrotype. — glyphographer, n. glyphographic, adj.
a device for embossing letters on thin sheets of metal.
permission, particularly that given by the Roman Catholic Church, to publish or print; hence, any sanction or approval.
the use of italics in printing text to indicate foreign words, abbreviations, emphasis, titles, etc.
1. the art or process of producing an image on a flat, specially prepared stone, treating the items to be printed with a greasy substance to which ink adheres, and of taking impressions from this on paper.
2. a similar process in which the stone is replaced by a zinc or aluminum plate, often provided with a photosensitive surface for reproducing an image photographically. — lithographer, n. lithographic, adj.
a printing process in which types are impressed in a soft matrix, the resulting hollow spaces being filled with a heated mixture that later solidifies and can be used for printing. — lithotypic, adj.
an offset printing process, similar to lithography, using metal plates instead of stone.
offset lithography
a printing method in which the image on a plate is offset onto a rubber blanket from which it is transferred onto the surface to be printed.
the production of chromolithographs printed in oil colors on canvas or cloth as well as on paper. — oleographic, adj.
type used in the testing of eyesight.
a process by which a line drawing or writing on paper is transferred to a zinc plate, which is then used for printing. — papyrograph, n. papyrographic, adj.
the process of producing a raised impression on wood from a photograph and using the block thus produced for printing.
Obsolete, lithography.
a technique for imitating an engraved appearance, as on business cards, by dusting areas already printed with a powder attracted only to the inks and using heat to fuse the ink and powder. — thermographer, n. thermographic, adj.
1. the design, theory, and art of creating characters for printing.
2. the design and selection of printed matter.
3. the craft or business of composing type. — typographic, typographical, adj.
printers, especially master printers, usually found in the names of associations of printers.
the art of engraving on wood or of printing from such engravings. — xylographer, n. —xylographic, xylographical, adj.

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