269. Memory

a loss or lack of memory. —amnesiac , n. —amnesie , adj.
1. a reminiscence.
2. (cap.) the section of Christian liturgies rehearsing the sacriflee of Christ and ending “Do this in remembrance of me.” —anamnestic , adj.
the occurrence in consciousness of images not recognized as produced by the memory and its storage of events and scènes. —cryptomnesic , adj.
déjà vu
Psychology. the illusion of having previously experienced something actually being encountered for the first time.
memoria technica
any mnemonic device or aidememoire, especially a technical device.
the process or technique of improving, assisting, or developing the memory. Also called mnemotechnics . —mnemonic , adj.
the belief that every mental impression remains in the memory.
Psychiatry. a distortion of memory in which fact and fancy are confused.

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