78. China

an obsession with China and things Chinese.
anything typically Chinese or made in a Chinese manner.
the philosophy and doctrines espoused by Confuciusth century B.C . Chinese philosopher and mor al teacher.
Fohism, Foism
the predominant Chinese form of Buddhism, Foh being the Chinese name for Buddha. — Fohist , n .
1. the political and social theories and policies of Mao Zedong (1893-1976), Chinese communist leader, especially with regard to revolution and agrarian reform.
2. adherence to or belief in Mao’s doctrines. — Maoist , n., adj .
the doctrines of Mo-Tze, Chinese sage of the 5th century, B.C ., who advocated government by an absolute monarch and universal love. — Mohist , n., adj .
1. a trait or custom peculiar to the Chinese.
2. the use in another language of a Chinese word, idiom, or expression.
the branch of anthropology that studies Chinese culture. — Sinologist, Sinologue , n . — Sinological , adj .

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