Breathing for the soul

Qi gong, which means “the art of managing the breath”, is an ancient discipline to control breathing through coordinating different patterns of breathing with different physical motions of the body. The technique enhances the body's balance and stamina as reduces stress.

Breathing for the soul

+ This exercise calms the mind and moves energy in the lower part of the body to the center of the Hara or belly. You need to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, concentrating the air in the lower part of the abdomen. The basic pose in qigong is done standing up, with the feet slightly apart and firmly on the ground and the knees slightly bent. This sequence of movements should be repeated three times.

1. Form a large circle with your arms, hands together at the height of your bellybutton, with the palm of your hands facing your stomach.

2. Inhale; while the air enters the lungs, bring your hands upward with the palms facing the ceiling, at the height of the chest cavity.

3. Turn your palms toward the floor and exhale, bringing your hands down and extending your arms forward (with your hands still touching) in a slow and controlled movement.

4. Inhale again and return your hands to the chest cavity.

5. Turn your hands forward; and while you inhale, extend your arms looking forward at the movement of your hands.

6. Return your hands to your chest cavity as you inhale; as you exhale, slowly push the palms of your hands, extending your arms.

7. Inhale and return your hands to your chest cavity. Turn the palms of your hands toward the ceiling and while you exhale, slowly push upward, concentrating on your connection with the Universe.

8. Take a deep breath through the nose and turn your palms toward the floor, bringing them to the center of your body and pushing down as you extend your arms to return to the chest cavity area.

Breathing for the soul

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