Meditating for a good night sleep

Creative visualization and meditation are very efficient in fighting insomnia. Those who practice meditation say that, as time goes by, the sleep they get is deeper and more refreshing. They feel more alert and relaxed throughout the day.

Meditating for a good night sleep

+ Using your imagination, visualization helps to create subjective realities (or images) relaxing your mind as a positive method to help you sleep more deeply and to improve your overall health. The following exercise is to help you relax and rest.


The objective of visualization is to create an imaginary place for your mind to take a “mental vacation”. This can be for example, imagining a familiar landscape and add certain details (a hammock, music, palm trees) or a completely imaginary place. Once you've been able to create your mental vacation site, practice the following exercise. When you've completed the exercise, your imaginary place will have become even more detailed and will stay etched in your memory to use whenever you need it.


Visualize number 3 , three times:

Three… three… three… Your body has already relaxed.

Visualize number 2 , three times:

Two… two… two…

Your mind is already relaxed.

Visualize number 1 , three times:

One… one… one…

When you've reached the first 1, you are learning to reach any mental image you wish.

Now go to your ideal place for rest. Count from five to one. Once you count down you will enter a deeper, healthier relaxation.

Five… Four… Deeper and deeper Three… Even deeper Two… One.

Every time you breath you feel the harmony and beauty of this place fill your lungs, bringing you a sense of pleasure, relaxation and peace.

You feel as if your body is riding on waves of well-being. Each time you decide to go to this relaxing place, your body will relax with each breath.

When you feel you've reached a state of total tranquility, leave this place counting to five.






When you reach five your body and mind will feel healthy and relaxed.

Record someone reading and repeating the steps, using a pleasant and slow voice to soothe and relax you. Listening to the phrases each night will help you follow the steps and bring on sleep.



Meditation is a technique to calm and relax your mind, direct your concentration to a healing element away from worries. When beginning meditation, a practitioner or guide is needed. Meditation is recommended for sleeping disorders.

Some health benefits of meditation:

  1. • Decreases anxiety and stress.
  2. • Helps you explore your inner emotions and physical state.
  3. • Deepens the realm of the spiritual, bringing a state of harmony and union between the mind, body and spirit.

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