Relaxation techniques

The following simple and easy-to-do techniques can be excellent in helping to relieve the discomforts associated with PMS, pregnancy and menopause.

Relaxation techniques

+ As female discomforts directly affect mood swings and increase stress and nervous states, relaxation is a key factor in relieving symptoms.


The process of breathing is fundamental for relieving any kind of pain. Deep and even breathing can help to relax the muscles, slow down the heart rate and temporarily lower blood pressure. It also helps to calm the mind, generating the alpha brain waves associated with deep relaxation. There are many different breathing exercises; one of the most appropriate for calming agitated moods is the following:

Alternate, balanced breathing. Ideal for relaxing and fighting depressive states associated with PMS and menopause. In a comfortable position, either lying down or sitting, begin to breathe through each of the nostrils.

1. Place your index and middle fingers on the bridge of your nose. While you block your nostril with your thumb, inhale counting to four; next, exhale counting to four.

2. Continue by relaxing your thumb and cover your other nostril with your ring finger. Inhale and exhale 4 times. You can repeat this exercise 10 times on each side and as you continue practicing you can increase the amount of time progressively.


This exercise is very useful for relaxing tension and releasing anxiety especially in PMS, pregnancy and menopause.

1. Lying on your back, with your legs stretched out and your arms to your side. With your eyes closed, take a deep breath eight times. Hold your breath in four seconds and exhale in eight seconds.

2. In the same position, lift up your knees and place your feet on the ground, hip width apart. Repeat the previous breathing exercise. When you inhale, imagine that your body is filling with energy; when you exhale imagine that your body is getting rid of tiredness, pain and anxiety. Repeat this exercise three times, very slowly.


Creative Visualization

This type of visualization uses the power of positive thought and the imagination to create or recreate an image or an ideal situation and to experience positive emotions. It is very useful for reaching a relaxed state of general well-being, for helping you “erase” negative emotions such as fear or anger. This technique is recommended for pregnant women to connect with their baby in the womb. In all cases, this exercise begins with conscious breathing, inhaling and exhaling slowly. Next, visualize a beautiful landscape in which you can relax and breathe deeply.

  1. To get rid of negative thoughts. Visualize a blue sky with floating clouds. As you inhale connect with that negative thought or feeling and as you exhale place it on the cloud, allowing it to float away each time you exhale.
  2. For pregnant women. Sitting with your hands on your chest, visualize your child and generate positive thoughts and images of your future together.

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