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Many female discomforts affect women's emotions. Colors, crystals, art and laughing can work as natural therapies to lift up the spirits and fight against the symptoms.

More alternatives

+ Incorporating color, music and art into your life is not a minor task. All of these therapies, along with crystal therapy carry vibrations that lift up your spirits and give you a better outlook on life. Many complementary therapies use these resources for improving overall well-being.


Art therapy is a way of healing that may benefit the nervous system, balance hormones and stimulate neurological brain signals. This is why art, in whatever form, can help to relieve the aches and pains suffered by women. Art may help to connect you to your psyche, where you store your creative powers. Through artistic expression, you may experience a change of attitude, emotional state or sense of pain, which helps you to relax and release your body and imagination. It's not important to be artistic; this therapy encourages women to let their creative capacities flow to aid a true curing process that can be expressed through painting, dancing, sculpture, literary expression or any other creative expression.


This type of music affects the right side of the brain, related to our emotional activity. Listening to New Age. classical or baroque music helps prevent stressful or negative thoughts. Blood pressure, cardiac rhythum, breathing and muscular tension diminish when endorfins and serotonin are released, giving an overall sense of well-being.

The arts that are considered the most appropriate for lifting up your spirits, improving the function of the immune system and the proper functioning of the body include:

Music. Music has a positive effect on the body. Studies have shown that when humans listen to music they release endorphins, a biochemical compound naturally produced in our bodies that is more potent than morphine in fighting pain. Soft melodies help your body to relax, improves your humor and give you motivation, helping you to fight against the depressive symptoms sometimes brought on by feminine discomforts. Among other positive physical effects, musics influences your breathing, blood pressure, stomach cramps and your hormone levels. Your heart rhythm either speeds up or slows down, depending on the musical rhythm. Music can also influence the electric rhythms in the brain.

Dancing. Dance therapy can help to improve body image and self-confidence, reducing fear and physical tension. Through dance you can release your emotions and help to reduce chronic pain. Dancing not only releases endorphins but also combines with the powerful effects of music, that promote healthy interpersonal relationships, helping to keep you in high spirits and in a good mood.


Laughing, A Serious Therapy

Sigmund Freud attributed laughter as an aid in helping to improve mental health and in releasing negative energy. Recent studies have shown that laughter releases endorphins, the body's natural painkiller, and so is a pleasant act, producing a general feeling of well-being. However, more than this, laughter has been shown to considerably benefit one's health and even battle disease. Laughter is a great way to eliminate negative emotional, physical, mental and sexual blocks.


Application Of Chromotherapy

This simple and efficient system consists of using a chromotherapy lamp or light bulb (between 60 and 100 watts), covering the lamp post with the transparent pure colors needed, or combined colors. Varying different transparencies you can follow sequences or quick changes of color from the light emitted, depending on what treatment is recommended.


Color therapy is a set of principles used to create harmonious color for healing. According to the principles of this therapy, color is energy. It is a form of energy medicine based on the belief that the human body is composed of energy fields. Color therapy stimulates different centers of the brain and works on problems related to energy deficiencies that cause a number of physical and psychological responses in the body. Some alternatives for using colors include:

In rooms and in your home. Paint interior walls inside your home or your office the color appropriate for the problem you are suffering. You can also use color panels.

On your body. Wear clothes or accessories the color appropriate for each discomfort.

Direct therapeutic application. Filtered lamps that reflect different tones. Objects or adornments with stones or colored crystals.

The most appropriate colors to treat female discomforts include the following:

Red. Gives off stimulating energy which is why it is recommended during your period or the menopause when you feel low on energy.

Yellow. It's recommended when you are having a difficult feminine day. This color radiates well-being, happiness, confidence and improves your self-esteem. It is effective when you are going through emotional instability, facing fears or suffering from headaches. Yellow foods give off light and may help to fight depression.

Green. This is an excellent detoxifying color. It helps to regenerate your body's cells and relaxes the muscles. Stimulates creativity and releases tension.

Blue. For its relaxing and sedative effects, it's ideal for women who suffer from insomnia or have trouble sleeping soundly, especially during pregnancy.

Violet. Acts as a purifier of the body, helping to remove toxins. It's recommended to use violet when you are menstruating.


According to gemtherapy, semiprecious stones, through their energy and vibrations are excellent treatments for improving physical and mental health. The following gems are the most widely used to treat female discomforts.

Pearls. Related to feminine energy, they are good to use during pregnancy. Also, pearls have a calming effect that helps to sooth irritability and anger brought on by PMS.

Topaz. Improves circulation, allowing greater oxygen flow to the brain. It's recommended during menopause. Related to hope, optimism and faith in a good future.

Emerald. This gem is recommended for menopause for its beneficial effects on the skeleton and bones.

Sapphire. Appropriate for treating bouts of depression, because it is said to absorb the negative energy that generates sadness. Sapphire's vibrations are also useful for treating nervous problems.

Cornelian. This stone represents happiness. It increases energy and transmits well-being to whoever wears it.

Garnet. This stone is recommended during menstruation, because it is said to regulate blood circulation and relieve aches and pains.


After practicing a relaxation session, find the stone or stones recommended for your discomfort and place them around you, preferably on the skin (with adhesive tape). Wash the stone with salted water every day and expose it to sunlight in a glass of mineral water. Drinking this water may also be beneficial.

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