Radiation Injuries - Prevention

There is no way to protect against radiation injuries caused by natural radiation. Some natural radiation reaches us even if we never leave our homes. Injuries caused by intentional exposure can be prevented, of course, by avoiding the use of nuclear weapons, such as atomic and hydrogen bombs.

Accidental exposure to radiation is difficult to avoid. Facilities where radiation is present, as in nuclear power plants, have developed safety measures to protect workers against exposure to IR. In most cases, these measures are very effective. However, it is impossible to prevent all accidents. When those accidents occur, some workers are likely to be exposed to IR and develop radiation injuries.

Exposure to IR during therapeutic procedures can always be avoided. A person can choose not to have the procedure, thereby avoiding exposure to the radiation. But in the vast majority of cases, the potential benefits of the procedure are greater than the potential risks. People choose to be treated with radiation because it is likely to help them get better or live longer. The careful use of equipment to protect healthy parts of the body is probably the best guarantee against radiation injuries due to therapeutic procedures.

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