Bulimia Nervosa - Treatment

Bulimia nervosa is usually treated with a combination of drugs and counseling. Drugs are used to help the patient deal with his or her mental concerns. For example, anti-depressants may be used to help a person feel better about himself or herself.

Many types of counseling may be needed in the treatment of bulimia. Individual and group therapy can help patients understand the cause of their disorder, which may help patients learn to deal with their problems in ways other than binging and purging. Family counseling is also valuable.

Alternative Treatment

Light therapy may prove helpful in treating bulimia. Some people become depressed when there is an absence of light. The winter months can be especially difficult. Light therapy involves the use of artificial light to improve a patient's mood. Massage and hydrotherapy (water therapy) are also recommended for the treatment of bulimia. These techniques may help a person feel better about the shape and appearance of his or her own body.

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