Athlete's Foot - Treatment

Athlete's foot may be resistant to medication and should not be ignored. Simple cases can usually be cured with antifungal (fungus-killing) creams or sprays. If creams do not work, the doctor may prescribe antifungal drugs to be taken by mouth. Untreated athlete's foot may lead to a bacterial infection in the skin cracks.

Alternative Treatment

A footbath containing cinnamon can slow down the growth of certain fungi and can be effective in clearing up athlete's foot. The bath is made by adding eight to ten cinnamon sticks to four cups of boiling water. The mixture is allowed to simmer for five minutes and then to steep for forty-five minutes. When the mixture is lukewarm, it can be used to soak the feet.

Other herbal remedies include a foot soak or powder made with goldenseal or tea tree oil. A cream made with calendula (pronounced KUH-lenjuh-luh) can also help heal cracked skin.

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