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AIDS Action. 1875 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20009. (202) 986–1300. .

American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR). 120 Wall Sreet, 13th floor, New York, NY 10005. (212) 806–1600. .

Gay Men's Health Crisis, Inc. 129 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011–0022. (212) 807–6655.

National AIDS Hot Line. (800) 342–AIDS (English); (800) 344–SIDA (Spanish); (800) AIDS–TTY (hearing impaired).

Web sites

AVERT-AIDS Education and Research Trust. [Online] (accessed on June 15, 1999).

HIV InSite: Gateway to AIDS Knowledge. [Online] (accessed on October 7, 1999).

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