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WWW Sites

American Academy of Neurology
Homepage of the American Academy of Neurology, which includes information about neurology and the academy.

A Brief Tour of the Brain
Site provides information about the brain, beginning with a brief history of the study of the brain, then describing the brain's large-scale features, building blocks, and organization.

Cyber Anatomy: Nervous System
Site provides detailed information on the nervous system that is divided into two levels: the first geared for students in grades 6-9, the other for students in grades 10-12.

Mind Over Matter: The Brain's Response to Drugs
From the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a site that explains the effects of legal and illegal drugs, such as nicotine and marijuana, on the brain. Also includes a section on brain anatomy.

Nervous System
Site provides links to other sites that provide information such as a description of the nervous system and facts on the brain.

Neuroscience for Kids
Highly recommended site provides an extensive amount of information on the nervous system and the brain. Includes experiments and activities, a list of on-line and off-line books and articles, current events and new discoveries in brain research, and links to other sites.

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