The Lymphatic System - Taking care: keeping the lymphatic system healthy

It is important to keep the lymphatic system healthy as it is a vital part of body immunity and overall health. Since the system is closely allied with the cardiovascular system, approaches to keeping that system healthy are recommended for the lymphatic system, also.

The following all play a part in keeping the lymphatic system operating at peak efficiency: proper nutrition, healthy amounts of good-quality drinking water, adequate rest, regular exercise, and stress reduction.

If left unchecked, infection can quickly weaken the body's immune response, leading to serious health problems. It is best to avoid sources of disease, infection, pollution, and other unsanitary substances. Caring for the body by practicing good hygiene will reduce the threat of infection from ever-present bacteria and viruses in the environment. Injuries such as scrapes, cuts, and wounds should be properly cleansed and cared for to prevent infection or the spread of infection. Serious injuries should be treated immediately by qualified medical personnel.

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