The Emergency-Free Home - Infant back blows and heimlich maneuver

This procedure should only be performed if you have seen or strongly suspect the baby is choking on an object and if breathing is becoming more difficult, lips may appear to be blue. DO NOTHING if baby is coughing, breathing or talking. DO NOT probe throat with fingers. DO NOT hold baby upside down.

Using your lap, place baby face down on its stomach over your forearm, with its head resting on your hand. Keep the baby's head lower than its chest, but make certain your hand is fully supporting the baby's head. With the heel of your hand, give five quick , firm back blows between the shoulders. If water or vomit comes up, turn baby to the side and clear its mouth.

If this does not work, turn baby over onto its back still holding head lower than chest, and place two to three fingers in center of baby's stomach about one to two finger widths below baby's nipples. Give five thrusts. Open baby's mouth, place thumb over tongue, and ONLY IF you see the object, remove it from the throat. DO NOT explore blindly. Repeat back blows and chest thrusts until obstruction is gone or infant becomes unconscious. If the infant becomes unconscious, begin emergency breathing.

The Heimlich Maneuver

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