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Complete Dentures

Before a full set of removable dentures is constructed, the dentist determines whether there are any abnormalities in the gum ridges, such as cysts or tooth root tips that may have to be removed. If the gums are in poor condition, treatments may be needed to improve the surfaces of the ridges on which the dentures will be fitted. The dentist may also have to reconstruct the bone underlying the gums—the alveolar ridge. Human bone “harvested” from another part of the patient's body was used in such reconstruction for decades but has been replaced by ceramic materials such as arehydroxylapatite and beta tricalcium phosphate.

The dentist now makes an impression of the patient's mouth. Tooth and shade choices are discussed. Several other appointments may be arranged before the new dentures are delivered to the patient, either for “try-ins” of dentures as they are being constructed or for adjustments after completion of the set.

Although dentures do not change with age, the mouth does. Therefore, it is necessary for the denture-wearer to have occasional check-ups during which the dentist examines oral tissues for irritation and determines how the dentures fit with respect to possible changing conditions of the mouth, and if a replacement should be recommended. The dentist also seeks to correct any irritations of the oral tissues of the mouth and polishes the dentures, making them smooth and easier to clean between checkups.

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