Diseases of the Urinogenital System - Symptoms of kidney disorders

Normal kidney function can be disrupted by bacterial or viral infection, by tumors, by external injury, or by congenital defects. Some of the common symptoms that may result under these circumstances are:

  1. Anuria: inability to produce or void urine
  2. Dysuria: pain, often of a burning quality, during urination
  3. • Frequency: abnormally frequent urination, often of unusually small amounts
  4. • Hesitancy: difficulty in starting urination
  5. • Urgency: a very strong urge to urinate, often strong enough to cause loss of urine
  6. Oliguria: reduced production of urine
  7. Polyuria: voiding larger than normal amounts of urine
  8. Nocturia: frequent voiding at night
  9. Hematuria: voiding blood in the urine

Because any of these symptoms may indicate a disease of the urinary tract, their appearance should be brought to the attention of a physician without delay.

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