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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- May 31

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Interesting things that happened May 31st:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1819 Walt Whitman (in West Hills, NY), poet
  In 1898 Norman Vincent Peale, author, minister
  In 1908 Don Ameche, actor (Cocoon, Trading Places)
  In 1923 Prince Rainier of Monaco
  In 1929 Elaine Stewart
  In 1930 Clint Eastwood, actor (Dirty Harry, Heartbreak Ridge, City Heat)
  In 1931 Shirley Verrett (New Orleans, LA), opera singer
  In 1938 Peter Yarrow, singer (Peter, Paul and Mary)
  In 1939 Terry Waite, church envoy, unwilling Beruit resident
  In 1941 Johnny Paycheck, country Singer
  In 1943 Sharon Gless (in Los Angeles, CA), actor
        + Joe Namath, NY Jets quarterback
  In 1950 Tom Berenger
        + Gregory Harrison, actor (Trapper John, M.D.; Fresno)
  In 1965 Brooke Shields (in New York City), actor, model

Events worth noting:
        + Republic Day (South Africa)
        + World No-Tobacco Day
  In 1678 The first Godiva Procession, celbrating Lady Godivia's famous ride
          through Coventry in 1057, takes place at the Coventry Fair.
  In 1809 Composer Franz Josef Haydn died in Vienna, Austria.
  In 1837 New York's Astor Hotel opens ... most elaborate in the U.S.
  In 1854 Kansas Territory established.
  In 1868 First recorded bicycle race, 2 kilometers in Paris.
  In 1879 First electric railway opens at Berlin Trades Exposition.
        + Madison Square Garden opens its doors.
  In 1889 2000 people perished in a dam break in Johnstown, PA, flood.
  In 1910 Union of South Africa was founded.
  In 1913 17th amendment providing popular election of U.S. senators.
  In 1916 During WW I British and German fleets fought the Battle of Jutland.
  In 1956 Mickey Mantle homer just missed clearing Yankee Stadium's roof.
  In 1961 South Africa became an independent republic.
  In 1962 WW II Gestapo official Adolf Eichmann hanged in Israel.
  In 1970 Tens of thousands of people in Peru died in an earthquake .
  In 1974 Israel and Syria sign an agreement concerning the Golan Heights.
  In 1976 Martha Mitchell wife of former Att General John Mitchell dies in NY.
  In 1988 Americans and Soviets ratify the INF treaty, agreeing to eliminate
          medium range nuclear warheads.

And remember ...
  National Bike Month
  School Principals' Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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