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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- March 18

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Interesting things that happened March 18th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1782 John C. Calhoun, statesman
  In 1829 Brig. Gen. William R. Boggs of Georgia, Chief of Engineers under
  In 1837 Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President (1885-1889, 1893-1897)
  In 1844 Nicholas Rimsky-Korsakov, composer
  In 1858 Rudolf Diesel, invented an engine
  In 1892 Robert P. Tristram Coffin, poet
  In 1926 Peter Graves, actor (Mission Impossible, Airplane)
  In 1927 George Plimpton, author, jack-of-all-trades
        + John Kander, composer
  In 1932 John Updike, poet and novelist
  In 1933 Kevin Dobson
  In 1939 Charley Pride, singer
  In 1959 Irene Cara (in New York), actor, dancer, singer
  In 1963 Vanessa Williams (in Millwood, NY), first black Miss America

Events worth noting:
  In 1766 Britain repealed the Stamp Act.
  In 1850 American Express founded.
  In 1871 Citizens of Paris revolt; the Paris Commune is born.
  In 1881 Barnum and Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth opens in Madison Square
          Garden in New York City.
  In 1892 At a banquet through a letter Lord Stanley presents the idea of a
          silver cup challenge for Hockey (Stanley Cup)  The cup cost $50.
  In 1909 First broadcast by a 'ham' operator -- Einar Dessau of Denmark.
  In 1919 The Order of DeMolay is established in Kansas City.
  In 1922 Mohandas K. Gandhi sentenced in India to six years' imprisonment.
  In 1925 The worst tornado in US history passes through Missouri, Illinois,
          and Indiana.  695 dead; 13,000 injured; $17-million in damage.
  In 1931 First electric razor marketed by Schick, Inc.
  In 1937 400 people mostly children killed in a gas explosion in Texas.
  In 1938 Mexico took control of foreign-owned oil properties on its soil.
  In 1952 First plastic lens for cataract patients fitted, Philadelphia, PA.
  In 1959 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Hawaii statehood bill.
  In 1962 France and Algerian rebels agreed to a truce.
  In 1965 Russia launches second and final Voshkoid.  The first spacewalk is
          made by Aleksei Leonov.
  In 1974 Most Arab oil producing nations end US embargo.
  In 1977 Vietnam hands over MIA to a US delegation.
  In 1985 Capital Cities Communications, Inc. announced acquiring ABC.
  In 1986 Treasury Department announced plans to alter paper money.
  In 1991 John Volker, Michigan Supreme Court Justice, fisherman, and author
          (Anatomy of a Murder), died.
        + Apple computer head Steve Jobs weds Laurene Powell.

And remember ...
  Foot Health Month
  International Hamburger and Pickle Month
  National Frozen Food Month
  National Furniture Refinishing Month
  National Nutrition Month (US)
  National Peanut Month
  National Women's History Month
  Red Cross Month
  Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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