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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- February 29

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Interesting things that happened February 29th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1468 Paul III, last Renaissance pope (1534-49)
  In 1692 Edward Cave (in England), printer (Gentlemen's Magazine)
  In 1696 Esprit Joseph Antoine Blanchard, composer
  In 1728 Robert Bage, English writer (Criticism by Peter Faulkner)
  In 1736 Anna Lee Manchester (in England), founder (Shaker movement in
  In 1784 Franz von Klenze, German architect (Hermitage, St-Petersburg)
  In 1792 Gioacchino Rossini (in Pesaro, Italy), composer (Barber of Seville)
        + Karl Ernst von Baler Russia, naturalist (discovered human ovum)
  In 1796 [Lambert] Adolphe J Quetelet (in Belgian), astronomer/meteorology
  In 1812 Hermann Hirschboch, German composer
  In 1820 Adolf Schimon, composer
  In 1828 Antonio Guzman Blanco, President of Venezuela
  In 1840 John Philip Holland (in Liscannor, Ireland), pioneer in submarine
  In 1852 Frederic Hymen Cowen, composer
  In 1860 Herman Hollerith, invented first electric tabulating machine
  In 1884 Alfred Sendrey, composer
  In 1896 William W. Wellman (in Brookline, MA), director (Star is Born)
        + Omer C. F. L. Tulippe (in Belgian), geographer
        + Ranchhodji Morarji Desai, premier of India (1977-79)
        + Stanley Swash, CEO (Woolworths)
        + Wladimir Rudolfovich Vogel, composer
  In 1900 Y?rgos Sef?ris [Seferi?dis], Greek diplomat/poet (Strofi)
  In 1904 Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John
          Kenneth Lloyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas
          Uncas Victor William Xerxes Yancy Zeus Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenber---
          -dorff Sr, (near Hamburg, Germany), had a Christian name for every
          letter in the alphabet, shortened it to Mr. Wolfe Plus 585, Sr
        + Jimmy Dorsey (Shenandoah PA), big band leader
        + John "Pepper" Martin, National League stolen-base king (1933-35)
        + Alan Richardson, composer
  In 1908 Alf Gover, cricketer (bowled in 4 Tests for England/famous coach)
        + Balthus, painter (Valerie)
  In 1920 Arthur Franz (in Perth Amboy NJ), actor (Invaders From Mars, Young
        + James Mitchell (in Sacramento, CA), actor (Palmer-All My Children)
        + Louise Wood, director of Girl Scouts of USA (1961-72)
        + Michele Morgan, actress (Bluebeard, Joan of Paris)
  In 1924 David Beattie, British Governor-General of New Zealand
        + Otto Hutter, physiologist
  In 1928 Alan Loveday, British violinist
        + Joss Ackland (in London, England), actor (Queenie, To Kill a Priest)
        + McHenry Boatwright, signer
  In 1932 Gavin Stevens, cricket (Australian bat on 59-60 India/Pakistan tour)
  In 1936 Alex Rocco, actor (Blue Knight, Stanley, Stunt Man)
        + Alwin Schockemohle (in Germany), equestrian jumper (Olympics-gold-
        + Henri "Rocket" Richard, NHL center (Montréal Canadiens)
        + Jack R. Lousma (in Grand Rapids, MI), USMC colonel, Skylab 3
  In 1940 Fran Tarkenton, quarterback (New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings)
        + Gretchen Christopher, British pop singer
  In 1944 David Briggs, record producer
        + Dennis Farina (in Chicago, IL), actor (Mike Torello-Crime Story)
        + Phyllis Frelich Devil's Lake ND, actor (Love is Never Silent)
  In 1948 Nikolai Pimenov USSR, coxless pair rowers (Olympics-silver-1976)
        + Yuri Pimenov USSR, coxless pair rowers (Olympics-silver-1976)
        + Patricia [Anne] McKillip US, sci-fi author (Fool's Run)
  In 1952 Bart Stupak (Representative-D-MI)
        + Raisa Smetanina USSR, cross country skier (Olympics-gold-1976, 80,
        + Raul Gonzalez Mexican 50K speed walker (world record)
        + Tim[othy] Powers US, sci-fi author (Epitaph in Rust, Night Moves)
  In 1956 Randy Jackson rocker (Zebra-Tell Me What You Want)
  In 1964 Henrik Sundstrom Sweden, tennis star
        + James RB Ogilvy son of English princess Alexandra
  In 1968 Bryce Paup NFL linebacker (Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills)
        + Cary Conklin NFL quarterback (San Francisco 49ers)
        + Chucky Brown NBA forward (Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks)
  In 1972 Antonio Sabato Jr actor (Jagger Cates-General Hospital)
        + Chris Devine Allentown PA, diver (Olympics-96)
        + Cyrus Beasley Rowe NY, rower (Olympics-1996)
        + Fabien Bownes NFL wide receiver (Chicago Bears)
        + Mark Farraway CFL offensive linebacker (Edmonton Eskimos)
  In 1976 Bryan Gillooly Auburn NY, diver (Olympics-96)

Events worth noting:
        + A Leap Year!  People born this day become the brunt of
        + dumb birthday jokes.
        + According to tradition, it's the one day in the calendar, that
        + may ask gentlemen for their hand in marriage.
  In  468 St Hilary [Pope Hilarius] Catholic Pope (461-468), dies.
  In  642 Oswald (English missionaries/saint), dies in battle.
  In 1504 Columbus uses a lunar eclipse to frighten hostile Jamaican Indians.
  In 1528 Patrick Hamilton, Scottish protestant martyr, burned at stake.
  In 1604 John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury (1583-1604), dies at about
  In 1692 Sarah Good & Tituba, an Indian servant, accused of witchcraft,
  In 1696 English ex-premier Earl Danby accused of corruption.
  In 1704 French & Indians attack Deerfield, MA, kill 50, abduct 100.
  In 1720 Queen Ulrica Eleonora of Sweden resigns.
  In 1784 Marquis de Sade transferred from Vincennes fortress to the Bastille.
  In 1796 Jay's Treaty proclaimed, settles some differences with England.
  In 1816 Dutch (King) Willem II marries Russian grand-duchess Anna Paulowna.
  In 1832 Charles Darwin visits jungle near Bahia Brazil.
  In 1836 Giacomo Meyerbeer's (Jakob Liebmann Beer) opera "Les Huguenots"
          premieres in Paris (Theatre de l'Opera, Paris).
  In 1844 Composer Thaddaus Weigl dies at 67.
  In 1848 Neufchatel declares independence of Switzerland.
  In 1852 John Landseer, printer/engraver (Royal Academy), dies.
  In 1856 Hostilities in Russo-Turkish War cease.
  In 1868 1st British government of Disraeli forms.
        + [Charles] Louis I [Augustus], King of Bavaria, dies at 81.
  In 1880 Gotthard railway tunnel between Switzerland & Italy opens.
  In 1892 Britian and US signed treaty on seal hunting in Bering Sea.
  In 1904 Theodore Roosevelt, appoints 7 man committee to study Panama Canal.
  In 1908 Dutch scientists produce solid helium.
  In 1916 Edward H. J. Keurvels, Flemish conductor/composer, dies at 62.
  In 1928 Adolphe Appia, Swiss set designer/theorist, dies at 65.
        + Armando V. Diaz Italian marshal/minister of War (1922-24), dies at
  In 1932 "Big Ed" Morris, pitcher (Boston Red Sox), dies.
        + Failed coup attempt by fascist Lapua Movement in Finland.
  In 1936 FDR signs second neutrality act.
  In 1940 "Gone with the Wind" wins 8 Oscars.
        + 45 U-boats sunk this month (170,000 ton).
        + Edward Frederic Benson, novelist, dies.
        + Frederic from G & S "Pirates of Penzance" finally released by
        + Hattie McDaniel becomes first black woman to win an Oscar.
  In 1944 5 leaders of Indonesia Communist Party sentenced to death.
        + US troop land on Los Negros, Admirality Islands.
  In 1948 Stern-group bomb Cairo-Haifa train, 27 British soldiers died.
  In 1952 Dick Button wins his 5th consecutive world figure skating title.
        + Ice Dance Championship at Paris France won by Westwood & Demmy
          (Great Britain).
        + Ice Pairs Championship at Paris won by Ria Falk & Paul Falk of
        + Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Paris won by Jacqueline du
          Bief of France.
        + Men's Figure Skating Championship in Paris won by Richard Button
  In 1956 Elpidio Quirino President of Philippines (1949-53), dies at 65.
        + Islamic Republic established in Pakistan.
        + President Eisenhower announces he would seek a second term.
  In 1960 1st Playboy Club, featuring bunnies, opens in Chicago.
        + Earthquake kills 1/3 of Agadir, Morocco population (12,000) in 15
        + JFK makes "missile gap" the Presidential campaign issue.
        + KRET TV channel 23 in Richardson TX (PBS) begins broadcasting.
  In 1964 "Rugantino" closes at Hellinger Theater NYC after 28 performances.
        + Frank Albertson actor (Chico & Man, Room Service), dies at 55.
        + Frank Rugani sets badminton shuttlecock distance record, 24.3
        + LBJ reveals US secretly developed the A-11 jet fighter.
        + North Carolina high school basketball teams play to 56-54 score in
          13 overtimes.
        + Victor van Straelen Flemish biologist/paleontologist, dies at 74.
  In 1968 1st pulsar discovered (CP 1919 by Jocelyn Burnell at Cambridge).
        + Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" wins Grammy.
        + Howard Hanson's 6th Symphony, premieres.
        + National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (Kerner Commission)
          reports against racism & demands aid given to blacks.
        + US end regular flights with nuclear bombs.
        + US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.
  In 1972 Hank Aaron becomes 1st baseball player to sign for $200,000 a year.
        + Jack Anderson discloses Dita Beard (ITT) memo indicating antitrust
          charges were dropped for $400,000 contribution to Republican Party.
  In 1980 Gordie Howe becomes 1st NHL player to score 800 career goals.
        + Michael Bracey ends 59 hours 55 minutes trapped in an elevator,
        + Yigol Alton Israeli Foreign Minister, dies at 61.
  In 1984 Canadian PM Pierre Elliott Trudeau announced he is stepping down.
        + Actor Roland Culver (Thunderball) dies of heart problems at 83.
  In 1988 KWK-FM in St Louis MO changes call letters to WKBG.
        + Mark Greatbatch scores 107 vs England on Test Cricket debut.
        + NYC Mayor Koch calls Reagan a "WIMP" in the war on drugs.
        + Nazi document implicates Waldheim in WWII deportations.
  In 1992 Dawn Coe wins LPGA Women's Kemper Golf Open.
        + Earl Scheib (Earl Scheib Auto Paint CEO), dies at 85.
        + British actor Johnny Mack (Time Lord-Dr Who), dies at 70.
        + The Professional Spring Football League begins.
  In 1996 Duncan Stuart Wilson, Fighter pilot-MacDonald, dies at 83.
        + Joe Minogue journalist, dies at 72.
        + John Grant Rear Admiral, dies at 87.
        + Kenya defeat West Indies (all out 93) in Cricket World Cup.
        + Soyuz TM-23, lands.
        + Wes Farrell songwriter, dies at 56.

And remember ...
  Canned Food Month
  Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month
  National Embroidery Month
  Age-Related Macular Degeneration & Low Vision Awareness Month

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