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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- December 23

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Interesting things that happened December 23rd:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1732 Richard Arkwright, invented spinning frame
  In 1777 Alexander I, tsar of Russia (1801-25)
  In 1790 Jean-Francois Champollion, deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphics
  In 1805 Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church
  In 1812 Samuel Smiles, Scottish writer (Self-Help, Character, Duty)
  In 1860 Harriet Monroe, American poet, editor of Poetry magazine
  In 1918 Josť Greco, dancer
  In 1924 Ruth Roman (in Boston, Mass)
  In 1925 Harry Guardino, actor (Hill Street Blues)
  In 1933 Akihito, Emperor of Japan
  In 1935 Paul Hornung, Green Bay Packer (the Golden Boy)
  In 1941 Elizabeth Hartman (in Youngstown, OH)
  In 1943 Harry Shearer (in Los Angeles, California), actor (SNL)
  In 1949 Susan Lucci, soap star
  In 1971 Corey Haim, actor (Firstborn, Lost Boys)

Events worth noting:
        + Last day of Saturnalia
        + Emperor's Birthday (Japan)
  In 1569 St. Philip of Moscow martyred by Ivan the Terrible.
  In 1672 Giovanni Cassini discovers Rhea, a satellite of Saturn.
  In 1690 John Flamsteed observes Uranus but doesn't realize it's a planet
          and. catalogues it as "34 Tauri."
  In 1783 George Washington resigned as US Army's commander-in-chief.
  In 1834 Joseph Hansom of London receives patent for Hansom cabs.
  In 1862 Union General Ben "Beast" Butler is proclaimed a "felon, outlaw and
          common enemy of mankind" by Jefferson Davis.
  In 1913 US Federal Reserve system authorized.
  In 1920 Ireland divided into two parts, each with its own parliament.
  In 1947 Transistor invented by Bardeen, Brattain and Shockley in Bell Labs.
  In 1948 PM Tojo, 6 other Japanese hanged for war crimes by US.
  In 1968 Borman, Lovell and Anders first men to orbit moon.
  In 1972 Earthquake destroys central Managua, Nicaragua.
  In 1973 Six Persian Gulf nations double their oil prices.
  In 1975 U.S. Congress passes Metric Conversion Act.  (Yeah, right.)
  In 1986 Rutan and Yeager make first around-the-world flight without

And remember ...
  National Indigestion Season

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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