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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- August 21

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Interesting things that happened August 21st:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1165 Philip II Augustus, first great Capetian king of France (1179-1223)
  In 1660 Hubert Gautier, engineer, wrote first book on bridge building
  In 1765 William IV, king of England (1830-37)
  In 1872 Aubrey Beardsley, English artist (or 0824)
  In 1905 Isador "Friz" Freleng, animator, director/supervisor, producer
  In 1906 Count Basie, musician
  In 1930 Don King, boxing promoter, hair style trend-setter
        + Princess Margaret of England
  In 1936 Mart Crowley, playwright
        + Wilt Chamberlain, basketball great, sometimes an actor
  In 1938 Kenny Rogers, singer
  In 1939 Clarence Williams III, actor (Mod Squad)
  In 1944 Jackie DeShannon (in Kentucky)
  In 1945 Patty McCormack, actor
  In 1959 Jim McMahon, football player (Chicago Bears QB)
  In 1962 Matthew Broderick, actor (Ladyhawk, Ferris Buehler)

Events worth noting:
        + Feast of St. Jane Frances Frémiot de Chantal, widow
        + Zeta Draconid meteor shower, radiant in Draco
  In 1560 Tycho Brahe witnesses a total eclipse of the sun; his interests turn
          from law to astronomy.
  In 1680 Pueblo Indians took possession of Santa Fe, NM.
  In 1831 Former slave Nat Turner led a violent insurrection against slavery.
  In 1841 John Hampson patents the venetian blind.
  In 1858 First debate between Senatorial contenders Abraham Lincoln and
          Stephen Douglas.  Lincoln lost the election, but gained visibility.
  In 1878 American Bar Association founded at the Saratoga, N.Y., town hall.
  In 1933 Ruth homer leads the AL to a 4-2 win in the first All Star Game.
  In 1940 Leon Trotsky dies of wounds inflicted by Ramon Mercader on Aug.
  In 1945 President Truman ended the Lend-Lease program.
  In 1959 President Eisenhower signed an order declaring Hawaii the 50th
  In 1963 Martial law declared in South Vietnam.
  In 1965 Gemini 5 launched atop Titan V with Cooper and Conrad.
  In 1968 William Dana reaches 80 km (last high-altitude X-15 flight).
  In 1972 US orbiting astronomy observatory Copernicus is launched.
  In 1982 PLO withdraws its forces from besieged Beirut pursuant to US and
          Israeli guarantees of the safety of Palestinian civilians left
  In 1983 Opposition leader Begnigno S. Aquino, Jr. assassinated in Manila.
  In 1986 Following heavy rains, Lake Nyow in Cameroon rapidly releases CO2
          that was disolved in the water, killing 2000.
  In 2017 Next total solar eclipse visible from North America.

And remember ...
  National Inventors Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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