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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- April 30

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Interesting things that happened April 30th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1777 Carl Friedrich Gauss, one of the greatest mathematician of all time
  In 1870 Franz Lehar, composer
  In 1912 Eve Arden (in California), actor (Our Miss Brooks)
  In 1925 Cloris Leachman (in Des Moines, Iowa), actor
  In 1926 Corinne Calvet
  In 1933 Willie Nelson, singer, actor
  In 1936 Zohra Lampert
  In 1944 Jill Clayburgh (in New York), actor
  In 1949 Perry King, actor

Events worth noting:
  In 1789 George Washington inaugurated as first president of the U.S.
  In 1798 Department of the Navy established.
  In 1803 U.S. more than doubles its size thru the Louisiana Purchase.
  In 1808 The first practical typewriter is finished by Italian Pellegrini
          Turri.  He built it for a blind friend.
  In 1812 Louisiana becomes the 18th state.
  In 1857 Founding of what would be San Jose State University.
  In 1863 Battle of Camerone -- French Foreign Legion suffers defeat, but not
          without inflicting 5 times as many casualties on the Mexican army.
  In 1864 Battle of Jenkin's Ferry, Arkansas.  Gen W.R. Scurry is killed.
  In 1869 The Hawaiian YMCA organized.
  In 1873 David Livingston dies.
  In 1897 J.J. Thompson discovers the electron.
  In 1900 Hawaii becomes a U S Territory.
  In 1903 Highlander (Yankees) first Home opener Chesbro beats Senators 6-2.
  In 1923 Charlie Robertson pitched a perfect no-hitter for the Chicago White
          Sox against the Detroit Tigers.  The next perfect game was not until
          Don Larsen's World Series no-hitter in 1956 (33 years later).
  In 1939 NBC/RCA first public TV demo with FDR at opening of NY World's Fair.
  In 1942 First submarine built on Great Lakes launched, "Peto", Manitowoc,
        + An American air sqaudrion launched from the aircraft carrier Hornet
          under the command of General Jimmy Doolittle bombed Tokyo, Japan just
          after daybreak 144 days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
  In 1944 NY Giant, Mel Ott scores 6 runs in 1 game.
  In 1945 Adolf Hitler and wife Eva Braun commit suicide.
  In 1946 Cleveland's Bob Feller no hits the Yankees.
  In 1947 Boulder Dam renamed in honor of Herbert Hoover.
  In 1948 Organization of American States (OAS) founded.
  In 1955 Element mendelevium announced - element 101.
  In 1961 First shuttle flights between Wash DC, Boston & NYC begin (Eastern
  In 1962 Willie Mays hits 4 homers in 1 game.
  In 1970 Inger Stevens dies at age 35.
  In 1972 Gia Scala dies at age 38.
  In 1973 Paul McCartney releases "Red Rose Speedway" including "My Love".
        + Nixon announces resignation of Haldeman, Ehrlichman, et al.
  In 1980 Terrorists seize Iranian Embassy in London.
        + Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands ascends to throne.

And remember ...
  America's Heartland Development Month
  Cancer Control Month
  Math Education Month
  National Poetry Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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