Re: Dealing with spams


Sun, 18 May 1997 16:19:42 -0400 (EDT)

I believe this is off-topic for FAQ-Maintainers, so I'll keep this short
and suggest that it be taken to nanaem, or Spam-L.

>Actually, if everyone gets an E-Mail filter

Not possible, and it still eats up your server's resources. We are still
just seeing only a small fraction of the spam that would occur if everyone
started doing it, so don't start thinking that those resources are more
than enough to handle it. They aren't.

>I don't like this - the government regulates everything,

Before giving aid and comfort to the spammers, you should look over the
proposal a little more. ( It simply allows folks to pursue
the matter in small claims court, same as junk fax, and that worked
extraordinarily well. Minimum government intervention. The proposed bill
deserves everyone's support (except spammers, of course). BTW, the
obfuscation has started to fly about the bill. Be careful what you listen
to and believe.

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