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Larry W. Virden, x2487 (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 07:19:06 -0400

> Whenever I used a referer log, I found it was infiniately more
> interesting to see which personal pages were linking to my FAQ than
> to know that 100s of people were coming from Yahoo or wherever. I
> know what context Yahoo has my FAQ in; but I'm more
> interested in what context other people place it in. Am I a
> "Favorite Place"? Do I "Suck"? Am I a "requred reading?" etc.

I agree with this one. I've played with several of the 'free' reporting
schemes that have come and gone around the web, trying to see how to watch
trends (are hits per month on the rise or not, do the number of hits match
up in any way to the dates I post things to usenet) as well as looking
at general numbers like x% of users access using pcs or macs and y% access
via an ISP from this country or that. Things like that are interesting
to me.

One service I used for a while provided info on number of errors associated
with attempts to access pages - and I think the urls that failed. That
was interesting as it provided me insights on common typos as well as
bad links.

I don't know what all info _could_ be made available, so I don't know
what would be interesting.

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