Re: Problems -- 8-bit characters triggering MIME


Anita Graham (
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 09:33:36 +0800

At 5:38 PM 10/8/97, Katie Schwarz wrote:
>That must have been what happened to me. There were a couple of 8-bit
>characters somewhere in the depths of the file that I was submitting to the
>news.answers FAQ-checker. The FAQ-checker kept bouncing it because of MIME,
>but after I finally found the 8-bit characters and removed them, it passed.
>You should probably put a warning about this in the news.answers
>I maintain my FAQ in HTML, and use the "Save as text" function of the
>browser to make the plain text version. Does anyone know a way to make it
>not use 8-bit characters in the text?
This is another step on the way...but I've used BBedit Lite to remove 8-bit

Anita Graham

Anita Graham
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