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Nick Zitzmann (
1 Aug 97 00:13:47 -0700

On Thu, Jul 31, 1997 3:23 PM, Todd C. Lawson <>
> 1. I've divided my faq into two parts. As a result, I need to change
> archive name from personalities/sandra-bullock to
> personalities/sandra-bullock/site-list and
> personalities/sandra-bullock/sandyfaq. Is this going to be a problem?
> More parts will likely follow.

When I first split my FAQ into two parts, I just notified the news.answers
moderators about my intentions to do so, and then sent both parts of the
FAQ to them while continuing to post the single-part FAQ in the meantime.
After about a week or so, I got mail back from Pamela Greene, telling me
that the split FAQ was approved. The rest is history...

> 2. Because of the name switch, I've been trying to submit my faqs to the
> moderation team. My mailer parses attempts at mailing to them to death.
> So, I tried using my newsreader to post to news.answers. My newsreader
> hiccuped after it said "Post Sent, confirming," and said that it couldn't
> find a sendmail file it was looking for. I don't know if any of my
> outbound attempts passed. (I received no auto-acks, so I'm assuming no.)
> If they didn't, what should I do?

Are you using Windows or a Mac to do so? Do you have access to a Unix host?
If both are true, take my advice and use Unix utilities to post your FAQ.

For posting my FAQ, I use Tin. Tin allows you to customize the headers and
has no real limit on how large a posting can be. I don't have anything in
place to automatically post my FAQ yet, so I'm still trucking along just
fine with Tin.

(Side note: Yes, I know that some people on my ISP,, have
scripts set up to send their FAQ automatically through a crontab entry. But
I have no idea how to use them yet... I tried auto-faq, but all I get back
is dead letters. Something about the news spool not having enough disk
space, yet posting messages normally works fine.)

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