CIA (CSI), Center for the Study of Intelligence

CIA (CSI), Center for the Study of Intelligence

The Center for the Study of Intelligence (CSI) of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a reference and resource center for scholars and others studying the history and practice of intelligence disciplines. According to CSI's mission statement, the center "seeks to promote study, debate, and understanding of the role of intelligence in American society." This it accomplishes by a number of means, including publications, conferences and seminars, the maintenance of historical records, and other programs. As of 2003, CSI posted articles from the unclassified, or non-restricted access version, at its Web site.

In accordance with its mission of preserving intelligence history, CSI publishes collections of documents from the Cold War, and conducts oral history projects. It also makes historical records available to scholars and other members of the public. CSI's conference and seminar programs provide a forum for research and discussion, and serve to commemorate major events in the realm of intelligence. An outreach program to institutions of higher learning promotes the teaching of intelligence and related studies. Additionally, CSI sponsors CIA officers-in-residence on selected college and university campuses.



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