1.4. The course notes

These course notes contain material which will guide you through the topics listed above, as well as appendices containing other useful information.

The following typographic conventions are used in these notes:

System commands appear in this typeface

Literal text which you should type in to the command line or editor appears as monospaced font.

Keystrokes which you should type appear like this: ENTER. Combinations of keys appear like this: CTRL-D

Program listings and other literal listings of what appears on the
screen appear in a monospaced font like this.

Parts of commands or other literal text which should be replaced by your own specific values appears like this


Notes and tips appear offset from the text like this.

Notes which are marked "Advanced" are for those who are racing ahead or who already have some knowledge of the topic at hand. The information contained in these notes is not essential to your understanding of the topic, but may be of interest to those who want to extend their knowledge.

Notes marked with "Readme" are pointers to more information which can be found in your textbook or in online documentation such as manual pages or websites.