4. Organization

Much of the appendices are integrated into Part II (which enlarges the book somewhat). We believe this makes for easier reading. This way, you don't have to keep referencing an appendix while you read Part II. That's a real chore, especially if you're reading the txt version of this book. This book is divided into the following parts:

4.1. Part I - Introduction

Part I gives general information about the contents of the book (revisions, where to get it, changelog, mailing lists, and other contact information). It also contains suggested readings which discuss a few important considerations before beginning your LFS system.

4.2. Part II - Installation of the base LFS system

Part II guides you through the building and installation of an LFS system. The resulting LFS system will be the core foundation upon which the rest of your Linux system is built. Whatever your system becomes, it will be built and supported by the foundation that we build in Part II.

4.3. Part III - Appendixes

Part III contains various appendices.