6.26. Installing Binutils-2.13

Estimated build time:           2.48 SBU
Estimated required disk space:  94 MB

6.26.1. Installation of Binutils

This package is known to behave badly when you have changed its default optimization flags (including the -march and -mcpu options). Binutils is best left alone. Therefore, if you have defined any environment variables that override default optimizations, such as CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS, we recommend unsetting or modifying them when building binutils. You have been warned.

Install Binutils by running the following commands:

mkdir ../binutils-build &&
cd ../binutils-build &&
../binutils-2.13/configure --prefix=/usr --enable-shared &&
make tooldir=/usr &&
make tooldir=/usr install &&
make tooldir=/usr install-info &&
cp ../binutils-2.13/include/libiberty.h /usr/include

6.26.2. Command explanations

tooldir=/usr: Normally, the tooldir (the directory where the executables from binutils end up) is set to $(exec_prefix)/$(target_alias) which expands into, for example, /usr/i686-pc-linux-gnu. Since we only build for our own system, we don't need this target specific directory in /usr. That setup would be used if the system was used to cross-compile (for example compiling a package on the Intel machine that generates code that can be executed on Apple PowerPC machines).

make tooldir=/usr install-info: This will install binutils' info pages.

cp ../binutils-2.13/include/libiberty.h /usr/include: The libiberty.h header file is needed in order for certain software to compile.

6.26.3. Contents of Binutils

Last checked against version 2.12.1. Descriptions

6.26.4. Binutils Installation Dependencies

Last checked against version 2.11.2.

Autoconf: autoconf, autoheader
Automake: aclocal, automake
Bash: sh
Binutils: ar, as, ld, nm, ranlib, strip
Diffutils: cmp
Fileutils: chmod, cp, ln, ls, mkdir, mv, rm, rmdir, touch
Flex: flex
Gcc: cc, cc1, collect2, cpp0, gcc
Glibc: ldconfig
Grep: egrep, fgrep, grep
M4: m4
Make: make
Gawk: gawk
Sed: sed
Sh-utils: basename, echo, expr, hostname, sleep, true, uname
Texinfo: install-info, makeinfo
Textutils: cat, sort, tr, uniq