Appendix C. ICMP types

This is a complete listing of all ICMP types:

Table C-1. ICMP types

00Echo Replyx 
30Network Unreachable x
31Host Unreachable x
32Protocol Unreachable x
33Port Unreachable x
34Fragmentation needed but no frag. bit set x
35Source routing failed x
36Destination network unknown x
37Destination host unknown x
38Source host isolated (obsolete) x
39Destination network administratively prohibited x
310Destination host administratively prohibited x
311Network unreachable for TOS x
312Host unreachable for TOS x
313Communication administratively prohibited by filtering x
314Host precedence violation x
315Precedence cutoff in effect x
40Source quench  
50Redirect for network  
51Redirect for host  
52Redirect for TOS and network  
53Redirect for TOS and host  
80Echo requestx 
90Router advertisement  
100Route solicitation  
110TTL equals 0 during transit x
111TTL equals 0 during reassembly x
120IP header bad (catchall error) x
121Required options missing x
130Timestamp request (obsolete)x 
14 Timestamp reply (obsolete)x 
150Information request (obsolete)x 
160Information reply (obsolete)x 
170Address mask requestx 
180Address mask replyx