Attribute for <COL ...>

WIDTH fixes the width of the column. For example the following code sets the width of the fourth column to 150:

<COL WIDTH="150px">
<TR> <TH>Name</TH> <TH>Price</TH> <TH>Status</TH> <TH>Comments</TH> </TR>
more table rows

gives us this table:

Name Price Status Comments
office suite 1,343.11 rent A pretty good deal. The offices overlook a nice park. Ethernet is already installed. The biggest problem is the neighbors: they keep coming over to "use the copier" but I think they're really trying to photocopy their fannies.
cabling 1.00 100% completely installed Easy installation. Required very little effort except to get Duane to pull his pants up so his butt crack didn't show.

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