Attribute for <COL ...>
SPAN = integer

SPAN indicates how many columns the <COL ...> tag affects. The default value (i.e. if you don't use SPAN) is 1.

For example, in the following code the first SPAN affects the first column. The second SPAN uses SPAN=2 to apply itelf to the next two columns.

<COL STYLE="color:red" SPAN=2>
<TR> <TH>Expense</TH> <TH>Price</TH> <TH>Status</TH> </TR>
<TR> <TD>office suite</TD> <TD>1,343.11</TD> <TD>rental</TD> </TR>
<TR> <TD>cabling</TD> <TD>1.00</TD> <TD>installed</TD> </TR>

which gives us this table.

Expense Price Status
office suite 1,343.11 rental
cabling 1.00 installed

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