Targeting the Whole Window

Eventually in a framed site you want to "break out"... link to a page and have that page take over the entire window. To create this sort of link, we add TARGET="_top" to the <A ...> tag:

this code produces this
<A HREF="wwtarget.html" TARGET="_top">
the link in this page

The entire window is always named "_top"
No matter what the other frames are named,
the entire window is always named "_top"
In the previous example we used TARGET to refer to a frame we had named MAIN. In this example, however, we refer to a frame we never named: "_top". We can do this because the outermost frame (that is, the entire window) is already named "_top". "_top" is a reserved name which is automatically given to the entire window. So when we say TARGET="_top", we are saying "put the new web page in the entire window". Note that "_top" needs to be in all lower-case, it should have quotes around it, and don't forget the underscore ("_").

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