<SELECT ...>

Usage Recommendation
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  • NAME: name of this form element
  • MULTIPLE: allow more than one choice
  • SIZE: how many options to show
  • READONLY: don't let the user change the value of this field
  • DISABLED: don't let the user do anything with this field
  • LANGUAGE: scripting language to use
  • onChange: what to do when a new option is selected
  • TABINDEX: tab order
  • onFocus: script to run when this field gets the focus
  • onBlur: script to run when this field loses the focus

A lot of people come to this page looking for information on drop down menues. You may want to see the Drop Down Menu Tutorial.
<SELECT ...> creates a list of options, one or more of which can be selected. In its simplest use, it consists of <SELECT ...>, two or more <OPTION ...> tags, and </SELECT>.

this code produces this
<SELECT NAME="pizzasize">
<OPTION VALUE="s">small
<OPTION VALUE="m">medium
<OPTION VALUE="l">large

Note that the text which appears is directly after each <OPTION ...> tag, not inside the tag. The value that is sent to the CGI, however, is given by <OPTION VALUE="...">.

By default only one option can be selected. To have a list which allows more than one option, use the MULTIPLE attribute. See MULTIPLE for more details about this type of list.

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