Attribute for <INPUT ...>
SIZE = integer

SIZE sets how wide a text or password field should be. It has no effect on any other type of field.

<FORM ACTION="../cgi-bin/">
age:                        <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="age"   SIZE=2 ><BR>
first name:                 <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="first" SIZE=10><BR>
last name:                  <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="last"  SIZE=30><BR>
cosmic plane of origin:<BR> <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="plane" SIZE=70>

gives us these fields of various length:

first name:
last name:
cosmic plane of origin:

SIZE does not set the maximum length of what can be typed in. Use MAXLENGTH for that. Avoid setting SIZE to a length of 1. Although 1 is technically a valid size, many browsers have a hard time rendering a field that short. Try a size of 2.

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