<FIELDSET> defines a group of form elements as being logically related. The browser draws a box around the set of fields to indicate that they are related.For example, a form might contain a few fields about name and email, some fields asking for opinions, and a field for "other comments". <FIELDSET> could be used to group those fields like this:

name: <INPUT NAME="realname"><BR>
email: <INPUT NAME="email">
favorite color: <INPUT NAME="favecolor"><BR>
<INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME="onions"> like green onions<BR>
<INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME="cookies"> like cookies<BR>
<INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME="kimchee"> like kim chee<BR>
other comments:<BR>

which gives us this form:


favorite color:
like green onions
like cookies
like kim chee

other comments:

<FIELDSET> is a block level element, so theoretically we didn't need the <P ...> tags between the fieldsets. However, because <FIELDSET> is not yet supported by major browsers such as Netscape, we put in the <P ...>s to keep the groups separated.

See also <LEGEND ...> to add a text label to each fieldset.

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