The effect so nice they tagged it twice: <STRIKE> and <S> produce the same result. Both tags cause a line (a "strikeout") to be drawn through the text.

I love <S>Jodi</S> 

I love <STRIKE>Jodi</STRIKE> 


I love Jodi Lilla Stacy Maude.

I love Jodi Lilla Stacy Maude.

The strike-out effect can also be done using styles. Set the text-decoration property to line-through. So, for example, this style rule creates a class named gone in which the letters are struck out:

<STYLE TYPE="text/css">

We can then apply the gone class to any HTML element. For example, this code creates an <EM> element with the gone class:

this code produces this
Really, the only girl for me now is 
<EM CLASS="gone">Janet</EM> 
Really, the only girl for me now is Janet Bebe.

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