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<H# ...> indicates a header, a title of a section of the document. For example, to start the section of your page that discusses your hobbies, you might put

<H2>My Hobbies</H2>

which gives us

My Hobbies

There are six header tags:
  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • H4
  • H5
  • H6
Each header tag indicates the relative importance of each section it is heading: <H1 ...> is for the major sections of your document, or as the one header to the entire document. <H2 ...> is for the secondary sections of your document, etc. It's best to start with the highest level header (<H1 ...>) and work you way down. So, for example, the headers in your page might look like this:

<H1>Starflower O'Sullivan</H1>
<H2>My Resume</H2>
<H3>Job Experience</H3>
<H2>My Hobbies</H2>
<H3>Kung Fu</H4>

which gives us

Starflower O'Sullivan

My Resume

Job Experience



My Hobbies



Kung Fu

Headers are usually rendered so that the highest level are bigger and more prominent than the lower levels. All headers are rendered with a paragraph break before and after, so it is not necessary to use <P ...>. Don't use headers just to make text look bigger. This tends to look sloppy and falsely conveys the start of a new section.

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