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<DL ...> was originally intended for (and is still very good for) making lists of terms and their definitions.

this code produces this
<DD>an ugly argument in a newsgroup
<DD>annoying unrequested email
<DD>someone who start flames
by posting stupid things
an ugly argument in a newsgroup
annoying unrequested email
someone who start flames by posting stupid things

<DL ...> is useful for all sorts of lists. Any situation where you want to say "this is a thing, this is stuff about the thing" is a good time to think about using a definition list. For example, a definition list can be used for a performance script:

this code produces this
<DD>So what's going on tonight?
<DD>Let's play some music
<DD>Cool man, let's jam!
So what's going on tonight?
Let's play some music
Cool man, let's jam!

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