Chapter 14. FSIMs and file system operations

Table of Contents
14.1. The FSIMs supported by EVMS
14.1.1. JFS
14.1.2. XFS
14.1.3. ReiserFS
14.1.4. Ext2/3
14.1.5. SWAPFS
14.2. Example: add a file system to a volume
14.2.1. Using the EVMS GUI
14.2.2. Using Ncurses
14.2.3. Using the CLI
14.3. Example: check a file system
14.3.1. Using the EVMS GUI
14.3.2. Using Ncurses
14.3.3. Using the CLI

This chapter discusses the five File System Interface Modules (FSIMs) shipped with EVMS, and then provides examples of adding file systems and coordinating file system checks with the FSIMs.