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Dumb Bombs & Smart Munitions

v1.4.1 / TOC / 01 dec 02 / greg goebel / public domain

* The aerial bomb was one of the twentieth century's innovations in warfare, and has proven decisive in many conflicts. With the development of advanced electronic sensor and guidance systems, and improved jet and rocket propulsion, weapons designers have been able to improve on bomb technology to build "smart" bombs and missiles that can perform precision attacks on targets.

This document provides a survey of unguided "dumb" or "iron" aerial bombs, and air-launched "smart" bombs and missiles. As smart munitions are in rapid evolution at this time, this document will be updated periodically to keep up with changes in the technology.

[1.0] Dumb Bombs (1): Unitary Bombs

[2.0] Dumb Bombs (2): Cluster Munitions & Other Bombs

[3.0] World War II Glide Bombs

[4.0] Modern Glide Bombs

[5.0] Unguided Rockets

[6.0] Guided Air-To-Surface Missiles

[7.0] Anti-Radar Missiles

[8.0] Antiship Missiles (1)

[9.0] Antiship Missiles (2)

[10.0] Smart Munitions, The Next Generation

[11.0] Targeting Pods & Smart Shells

[12.0] Comments, Sources, & Revision History

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