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A History Of Television

v1.0.1 / TOC / 01 aug 02 / greg goebel / public domain

* Television (TV) is one of the most widespread electronic technologies in the world. In developed countries, essentially every household has at least one TV set, and in undeveloped countries, it's one of the first things citizens working their way up from poverty want to buy.

Despite this, almost nobody could name the inventor of TV. Everyone knows that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, that the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, but who invented TV?

In fact, no one person really invented television. TV was the product of efforts by many contributors and evolved along a mazelike path, one step at a time, with many steps in the wrong directions. This document outlines the development of television.

[1.0] Mechanical Television: A Tree To The Moon

[2.0] Electronic Television: The Rivals

[3.0] Television Begins: Sarnoff Rules

[4.0] Television Established: To The Millennium

[5.0] Television Redefined: The Digital Image

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